Heute freut sich Tyler Ramsey, sein sechstes Studioalbum „New Lost Ages“ über Soundly Music zu veröffentlichen.
„This is an album of shadows and light“ sagte Ramsey. „It is about the calm that follows the storm and it’s about the dark clouds when they roll back in again.“
„New Lost Ages“ wurde in der legendären Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, Washington, von dem renommierten Produzenten Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, The Shins, Built to Spill) aufgenommen. Die 10-Song-LP ist eine fortwährende klangliche Suche - eine akribische Wanderung durch die musikalische Landschaft, ein wellenförmiger Ton aus Indie, Rock und Folk-Styles.

Tyler Ramsey

„These Ghosts“ ist die Leadsingle des Albums und ein Song, von dem Ramsey sagt: „it is for anyone who has left a bad situation behind them only to look down and realize they are still carrying it with them somehow. Letting go - even letting go of something that’s no good - can take time.  The pain in your head is just the smoke from a fire that burned out a long time ago.“
„Flare (for Neal Casal)’ was written while I was hiding out in some cheap beach condo in Gulf Shores Alabama and trying to write songs when I heard the news about Neal Casal’s passing,” sagte Ramsey. “I was way up on a high floor of one of those giant beachfront condos and the sun had just set and I thought I saw a flare go off way out in the dark ocean. After I called to report what I thought I’d seen to the local cops I sat and watched the dark horizon for a long time.  Sometimes people need help and they never ask for it- sometimes people send signals out but those of us that might see them don’t know what to do to help.  I barely knew Neal but somehow I think of him often and miss what was only a potential future. Look out for each other out there.“
„New Lost Ages“ ist ein Song, in dem es darum geht, „letting go of innocence and facing the reality of a society that is in decline“ erklärt Ramsey. „One that is refusing to change course or even pause itself. It’s searching for hope in all of this. It’s wanting my children to be able to experience this world with wonder and joy and not have to carry the weight of our mistakes.“

„New Lost Ages“ Track Listing:

1. These Ghosts
2. Fires
3. Dark Dark Dark
4. New Lost Ages
5. Flare (For Neal Casal)
6. You Should Come Over
7. Where Were You
8. We Were A Small Town
9. Poisonous Summer 
10. Arrow To Bow


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